Feeling (colour)

Such a feeling coming over me, I am drifting along in the ocean of life. I don’t know where I will be going but there is no violent rejection from me on drifting unknowingly. There are constant stream of fear splashing on my face but I still allow the drift to continue bringing me to the unknown. Is this paralysis or surrendering? It seems a bit of both.

Felt like I have been sailed around the vast ocean on the humpback. The sun’s ray certainly helps to warm my nerve and calm my fear. And the beating of the waves soothes my lostlessness and choicelessness. Maybe the eye of the pyramid under the ocean of life is looking after me. Maybe I actually know where I am going and maybe I do not.

But such a feeling is coming over me.

Odd one



I was admiring a pond full of colourful kois and enjoying the way they dances in the pond like a huge musical show. As they swim around in unison it seems like flashes of red, orange, yellow, white colour blending in a colour palette. The mixtures of beautiful colours change as the kois swim towards and away from each other. As if it is playing to the melody of nature’s music. So beautiful a sight.

At the far corner a big, black and ugly fish swim towards the kois, it seems to have disrupted the beautifully blended display. It looks oddly out of place. Bulky and dull looking black seems to have spoil the magnificence of the colourful fireworks.

My attention turns to the big black fish. It is double the size to the rest of the kois. It had two streak of blue luminance from its head to tail. The blue luminance actually brings out a new age character from its dull black body.

My perception suddenly change, I felt like the black fish actually bring on a refreshing magical feel to the kois’ colourful display. It felt like black is in vogue.

The odd one can be in vogue in a flickering seconds from the judgement of my perception. The speed of thought is oddly fearsome.







I saw this vision of an artist drawing with a cobra behind him without his knowing. He is drawing himself whom is also drawing himself into perpetuity. When I had it drawn out, my first thought of this drawing is about manifestation.

Historically, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. The ouroboros is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life. As quoted from google.

More knowing came awhile writing this. The artist inside the drawing has no idea of the cobra behind him, hence the cobra is a symbol. Awhile he is manifesting a new life with his drawings, the cobra represents the process of death and rebirth that he have to undergo for this manifestation. The meaning of the artist drawing himself which also drawing himself is about the perpetuity of the change in all level of life. From the micro to the macro of being.

Happily grimacing in pain in the wake of death and the labour of my birth. :s





3 man & elephant


Haze caused so much inconvenient for all from health hazard to economy stalling due to disruption of the economy humming. From the effects of the haze to the environment I can see how inner haze can totally turn me blind to my true self. As much as I want to act from the real me, the haze within creates illusions in order to calm my fear of blindness. Hence I can truly be called a blind man.

3 man and a elephant is a famous story that shows the perception of all the blind man to a elephant. All the blind man are right in their own perspective about the elephant that they have not seen. All have a partial truth but not the total truth. Life is such that one’s perspective is true to one’s own experiences. But one is blind to other’s perspective, hence a blind communicating with another blind is truly a blind communication. The communication may not truly make a truthful sense.

In the pursue for true communication, one have to be first aware of one’s state of blindness then be aware of other’s blindness before true meaningful communication can flow. 8)