Both my palms are pulsating. I dont even know when it started. Its almost like they are vibrating. What an unusual feeling that feels really good. Its like all the pores are breathing and humming deeply together. These sensations slowly spreads throughout both arms and towards my heart. Vortexes of pulsating energies gathered on my heart and both palms. I realised that i had this silly grin on my face that i cant seems to wipe off. The pulsating energies seems to be moving in waves. As the waves of energies hit a high, pleasurable moaning starts to come to life. It coupled into a synchronistic symphony with the pulsations. My heart and palm vortexes starts to open up like flower. It felt like i am basking in a continous flow of joyous energy.

Then i saw myself lying on a lush green field with plenty of little white daisy. Up above is a greek goddess serenading golden nectar of joy on me. She has beautiful blonde hair and a flower crown adorned with white daisies. The sun above her is so warm and bright that i cant open my eyes fully. Behind her stands a majestic greek temple and my heart tells me that it is my temple. I felt so touched and blessed by these abundance of estatic joy  and orgasmic pleasure that i wonder if this is just a dream. Well no matter if it is a dream or not a dream. A joy is a joy is a joy. An orgasm is an orgasm is an orgasm. Period. 😀