Leap Whale

leap whale
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The standard calender that most of the world are using today is call the Gregorian calender. 1 calender year is the time that takes earth to orbit around the sun. As the true timing of earth’s orbit around the sun is 365.256 days instead of 365 days, Gregorian calendar compensate this by having a leap year.  A Leap year happen roughly once in every 4 years where an additional day will be added. 29 February is the leap day that is added to bring us back to the true timing of Now. Calender a man made device to sync with the timing of the celestial movement. Is this moment not unlike an ego coming in sync with divinity.

On a leap year and during a leap day when a breaching humpback whale from the sea of emotion leaps out into a physical manifestation. It brings it’s motto of “honouring your life purpose” into the true moment. The moment where perceived time is calibrated to the precise moment as accord to the celestial dance of mother earth and father sun. The birth of “honouring truth, consciousness and clarity” is in the divine time of NOW.

May this beautiful & soulful being bring forth divine strength for the journey of abyssal truth in the Now.



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