U & I



Cafe chilling on a cloudy tuesday afternoon.

Deeply plug into my audio book

Pondering on when the past is the present.

The espresso aroma seduces me to take sip from my red cup of cappucino.

As i took up my red cup, I notices a strange sighting of raining green flashes outside.

Thousands of leaves jump off a tall tree and freefall like raining leaves.

Its so beautiful a sight that my eyes refuse to look away.

When the show is over, i look around to see if anyone shares this magical moment with me.

No one seems to be particularly engross in this magic moment like me.

Its seems like we are all living in the same moment while experiencing a different reality.

Is this the result of past conditioning affecting all our present experiences?

Same same but different. Same reality but different experiences.

How is true communication of U & I possible when U & I are still wearing lens created from our past?

Maybe a newer lens should be created.


Mmmh… that espresso aroma is seducing me again. Where is my red cup?