At a time before homo sapiens and at a place where there is no civilisation. A golden pyramid with the Eye of Horus stand witnessing the interplay of time and space in front of the great sea of consciousness. Lying beneath the depth of darkness lies a soulful being. A mammal with a powerful gift of communication. An ancient hump back whale. It has been hibernating for the longest of time in the cold dark sea. Time passes ever so slowly and yet aeon have slip by without a hint of awakening from it.

Not only is this mammal in hibernation, the whole planet is in a deep hibernation phase. This planet is so huge that the day and night cycle are many aeons apart. Aeons of night darkness have passed and the light of the day is approaching. First ray of light diluted the pitch black darkness slowly towards visibility. Visibility returns to the land and then slowly into the sea. As the first ray of light hit on the whale, its nervous system was firing awakening signals throughout its massive body. It gives out a longest grunt and started twitching its body awake, its eyes slowly open. Then it started to surface itself , guided by the sun’s ray which peeks into the sea.

There is a blazing red kingfisher perching at the top of the pyramid. The red flame surrounding it is burning with deep passion of life. Upon sensing a big shadow ascending towards the surface of the sea, it flew over out of curiosity. Hovering itself high above the big shadow underwater, awaiting to witness something huge.

Meanwhile the whale is gaining acceleration as it ascent towards the surface. It notices a bright burning red spot high up above the water, that piqued it’s curiosity. Nearing the surface of the sea at top speed, it did a powerful flip with it’s massive tail and huge fins. It propel itself out of the sea and breach itself high up into the air, awaiting to witness something huge.

The whale breach so high up that it is a just a moment away from the kingfisher. They were both startle in awe of the magnificent of each other. Their amazing gaze last an eternity of seconds before gravity came to do them apart.

The massive whale fell back into the sea creating an explosion of sea water into this place. The first sound of awakening resonating throughout the aeon of quietness. The first dance of awakening.


The above scene came into mind when I was drawing this. In a symbolic terms it felt like at the transition of awakening, there are 2 primal force in play. Passion and power. The moment these 2 energies start to awake to each others existence. The moment they attract and seduce each other into a dance. The flame of consciousness starts to dance into life.