Artist Lamb

Artist Lamb

I have a feeling that artist is someone whom is in touch with its senses and express it. Hence any moment and any being that express what it truly felt is an artistic act.

I had this vision that there is an artist lamb that express the fear & danger that he sense to others. The other lamb just acknowledge his expression and continue with daily life. Danger & risk that are out of sight may not mean that it had nothing to do with you. But most just choose their ignorant bliss. Eventually the artist lamb will be a sacrificial for our meat burger culture even if he sense of the danger lurking. The rest that are living ignorantly eventually also landed as sacrificial.

The question to live ignorantly or knowingly surface in my mind.

A thought offering answer came in:”consciously”

I believe what it meant is to live consciously to one’s true self in the present moment. Worrying about the future does not change anything other then laden our current moment with dead weight.

Currently the thought of the lambs going to the slaughter house is saddening me. Lets have meat free day today and allow our fellow earthling another day of life. 🙂



Good Luck

Good Luck


Inspiration for this drawing is came from Holy Shit post.

Human love good luck and like to manifest for good luck to come its way. That longing if it is strong enough may stir some feeling from an angel. As the saying goes “You get what you ask for”.

All living being as small as bacteria from the cellular realm to as big as human from the human realm love to have some good luck. So remember to sets our intention clearly to manifest for our good luck. Good Luck to the angel that has his feeling triggered by us.:P

Intimacy With God


Intimacy With God


8 minutes 20 seconds is the time for sun’s ray to reach earth. The sun , our sun, the source of energy for all of life. The god of life itself. I love sun tanning, its rejuvenates and recharges me. Every now and then my body will scream for a moment with the sun. The sun’s ray shot through the heavy clouds at 11am, my body is excitedly pushing me for a session with god. Armed with a book “The end of Fear” I went to the poolside for tanning. 15mins of front and 15mins of back tanning. I lay down the deck chair , welcoming the sun’s ray to do it’s magic.

Awhile reading the chapter about fear, love & oneness my awareness seems to expand. The sun’s ray caressing every pores on me. Whenever the ray touches the pores tinges in excitement and the hair just raises in mini orgasm. A human have about 5 million tiny hairs on his or her body. Assuming just 1/3 are raising in excitement that is more then 1 million mini excitement. All snowball into one huge pleasurable orgasmic experience that is divine; felt like intimacy with god. 😛

A sudden realisation that peak experience in life can be an interplay between man and nature. The lure of nature has seemingly increase in my tiny human mind. 🙂


Truly Me

Phases Of Evolution


There is a saying ” As pure as a baby”. When we are born we have no prior conditioning, we are behaving from our true self. The pureness stems from our action that is derive from our truest self. The emotions from a baby is so delightful as it express it in the most unconditioned state. Happy or sad it is written all over its actions and expressions. No mask no hiding from the world, expressing itself as it is his/her birth right :). It is a state where expression is the purest and natural.

As the baby grows, he/she starts to learn from the world around. The worldly conditioning sets into he/she and it start to learn about hurt and shame. As we living beings are fearful of hurt and in pursuit of joy and happiness.  Masks are created and recreated many times and many layers to protect itself from hurt and shame. Our masks evolve as time goes by, adaptive to the world it is in. Basic reason is to avoid hurt and moving towards joy.

By the time the baby grew to a toddler, he/she most likely have adopted masks that is so adaptive to it’s evolving world that he /she may have start to forget that it is not his/her true self. His/her masks starts to take over its true self slowly from a moment to all the time. Slowly he or she may have believe that their masks is its true self.

I felt that this process is like a human turning into plastic (Lego). So fake and yet so real. So scary and yet so easy. Many a times this masks follow us till death and maybe one still does not know that they have not truly live before.

I have a huge awakening 2 years back. My life seems fine but the sadness from the heart that seep through is so overwhelmingly painful that I have to start searching for the reason. I guess when our highest intention is set the world will react accordingly. The path of my realisation is set in motion. Only now then do I understand that I have been living in fear behind thick layers of masks most of my life. I have been a passive actor of my life acting in accordance with the surrounding conditioning for so long. I intend to dispel the mist of my conditioning and masks and act in accordance with my truest self. 🙂

“Phases of Evolution” is a drawing to express my knowing of me becoming plastic, awaken and intending to become truly me. 🙂

Holy Shit




The inspiration that starts the ball rolling. One morning I had a  close counter with a pile of shit, human shit I think. First reaction was “Holy Shit” and I distanced myself from it. From a distance I saw some bugs crowding on the shit as if they have found some precious treasures.

“Hey come to think about it, its true that it is a true treasure to them.”

“Human shit that me human are so fearful is a precious treasures of the bugs.”

[A sudden knowing flash by me]

“Then it could be that the riches that we humans long for may be the poop of angels.” 🙂

[The above cartoon strip came into mind]

The title Holy Shit came into mind and snowball into a blog call HOLY which can deliver my expression to all. 😛