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Phases Of Evolution


There is a saying ” As pure as a baby”. When we are born we have no prior conditioning, we are behaving from our true self. The pureness stems from our action that is derive from our truest self. The emotions from a baby is so delightful as it express it in the most unconditioned state. Happy or sad it is written all over its actions and expressions. No mask no hiding from the world, expressing itself as it is his/her birth right :). It is a state where expression is the purest and natural.

As the baby grows, he/she starts to learn from the world around. The worldly conditioning sets into he/she and it start to learn about hurt and shame. As we living beings are fearful of hurt and in pursuit of joy and happiness.  Masks are created and recreated many times and many layers to protect itself from hurt and shame. Our masks evolve as time goes by, adaptive to the world it is in. Basic reason is to avoid hurt and moving towards joy.

By the time the baby grew to a toddler, he/she most likely have adopted masks that is so adaptive to it’s evolving world that he /she may have start to forget that it is not his/her true self. His/her masks starts to take over its true self slowly from a moment to all the time. Slowly he or she may have believe that their masks is its true self.

I felt that this process is like a human turning into plastic (Lego). So fake and yet so real. So scary and yet so easy. Many a times this masks follow us till death and maybe one still does not know that they have not truly live before.

I have a huge awakening 2 years back. My life seems fine but the sadness from the heart that seep through is so overwhelmingly painful that I have to start searching for the reason. I guess when our highest intention is set the world will react accordingly. The path of my realisation is set in motion. Only now then do I understand that I have been living in fear behind thick layers of masks most of my life. I have been a passive actor of my life acting in accordance with the surrounding conditioning for so long. I intend to dispel the mist of my conditioning and masks and act in accordance with my truest self. 🙂

“Phases of Evolution” is a drawing to express my knowing of me becoming plastic, awaken and intending to become truly me. 🙂

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