Intimacy With God


Intimacy With God


8 minutes 20 seconds is the time for sun’s ray to reach earth. The sun , our sun, the source of energy for all of life. The god of life itself. I love sun tanning, its rejuvenates and recharges me. Every now and then my body will scream for a moment with the sun. The sun’s ray shot through the heavy clouds at 11am, my body is excitedly pushing me for a session with god. Armed with a book “The end of Fear” I went to the poolside for tanning. 15mins of front and 15mins of back tanning. I lay down the deck chair , welcoming the sun’s ray to do it’s magic.

Awhile reading the chapter about fear, love & oneness my awareness seems to expand. The sun’s ray caressing every pores on me. Whenever the ray touches the pores tinges in excitement and the hair just raises in mini orgasm. A human have about 5 million tiny hairs on his or her body. Assuming just 1/3 are raising in excitement that is more then 1 million mini excitement. All snowball into one huge pleasurable orgasmic experience that is divine; felt like intimacy with god. 😛

A sudden realisation that peak experience in life can be an interplay between man and nature. The lure of nature has seemingly increase in my tiny human mind. 🙂


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