Artist Lamb

Artist Lamb

I have a feeling that artist is someone whom is in touch with its senses and express it. Hence any moment and any being that express what it truly felt is an artistic act.

I had this vision that there is an artist lamb that express the fear & danger that he sense to others. The other lamb just acknowledge his expression and continue with daily life. Danger & risk that are out of sight may not mean that it had nothing to do with you. But most just choose their ignorant bliss. Eventually the artist lamb will be a sacrificial for our meat burger culture even if he sense of the danger lurking. The rest that are living ignorantly eventually also landed as sacrificial.

The question to live ignorantly or knowingly surface in my mind.

A thought offering answer came in:”consciously”

I believe what it meant is to live consciously to one’s true self in the present moment. Worrying about the future does not change anything other then laden our current moment with dead weight.

Currently the thought of the lambs going to the slaughter house is saddening me. Lets have meat free day today and allow our fellow earthling another day of life. 🙂