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The world is laden with temptation so real that one can be easily hook, attached or get addicted. So much so that the one and the masses around are oblivious of the trappings.

Maya or Māyā (Sanskrit माया māyāa[›]), a term found in Pali and Sanskrit literature, has multiple meanings and can be translated to mean something of an “illusion” (or more accurately a “delusion“).

quoted from wikipedia

From basic needs of food, shelter, money and self sufficiency to higher needs of power and self actualization. All these layers are laden with temptation trappings that can set one into a deep addictive trances.

Get rich scheme, save the world campaign, health and image consciousness are sprinkle at so many levels that one can be easily influenced by the mass media. As the masses are under the illusion of this temptation it created a powerful herd mentality. This powerful mentality creates an even stronger suction of the masses towards this tempting illusion. This masses is addicted to the bright future group. The feel good, feel powerful and self actualize group march on towards the enhancement of riches and power.

The rest of masses that are unable to reach the standard of the bright future group will be force to go into another kind of temptation. The temptation of numbing and living like zombies. I will call this group of masses the dark future group. This group will be suck into another dimension of addiction and illusion. The addiction of numbing the pain and amplifying any good feeling  eg. getting high, eroticism. Drinking gallantly, gambling excessively, sex overdrive, food gluttony. This group march on towards the tip of indulgence.

One from the bright future group can fall into the dark future group when one loses the edge. One can also rise from the dark future group to the bright future group by luck or grace. No matter where one is, one is either under the bright illusion or dark illusion.

I believe the line between both the bright and dark illusion is the point of reality of truth.




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