3 man & elephant


Haze caused so much inconvenient for all from health hazard to economy stalling due to disruption of the economy humming. From the effects of the haze to the environment I can see how inner haze can totally turn me blind to my true self. As much as I want to act from the real me, the haze within creates illusions in order to calm my fear of blindness. Hence I can truly be called a blind man.

3 man and a elephant is a famous story that shows the perception of all the blind man to a elephant. All the blind man are right in their own perspective about the elephant that they have not seen. All have a partial truth but not the total truth. Life is such that one’s perspective is true to one’s own experiences. But one is blind to other’s perspective, hence a blind communicating with another blind is truly a blind communication. The communication may not truly make a truthful sense.

In the pursue for true communication, one have to be first aware of one’s state of blindness then be aware of other’s blindness before true meaningful communication can flow. 8)

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