A sudden pain that strikes inside my head. There is just no way I could ignore it or pretend that it is not there. The intensity of it demystified any illusion I had at that moment. The power of pain shine truth through any self illusion. It’s a sign that it is something one have to focus on at that moment. Automatically both my hands cover my forehead instinctively. I didn’t ask of them to do it but they did it anyway with a mind of their own.

This is the OMG (Oh My God) points where our body try to soothes itself of the pain it is experiencing. Relieving the pain is of utmost importance. It is only when the the pain is gone and we are at a state of balance can we start sensing into the root of that pain. The pain is the signal to indicate that something has bring our system out of balance. It is of utmost importances to trace down to the root cause to resolve it. Because unresolved root cause will manifest bigger and create a bigger signal and eventually bring us to a state where balance may become almost impossible.

Hence OMG is our friendly forces which we usually meet in pain. 🙂

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