Odd one



I was admiring a pond full of colourful kois and enjoying the way they dances in the pond like a huge musical show. As they swim around in unison it seems like flashes of red, orange, yellow, white colour blending in a colour palette. The mixtures of beautiful colours change as the kois swim towards and away from each other. As if it is playing to the melody of nature’s music. So beautiful a sight.

At the far corner a big, black and ugly fish swim towards the kois, it seems to have disrupted the beautifully blended display. It looks oddly out of place. Bulky and dull looking black seems to have spoil the magnificence of the colourful fireworks.

My attention turns to the big black fish. It is double the size to the rest of the kois. It had two streak of blue luminance from its head to tail. The blue luminance actually brings out a new age character from its dull black body.

My perception suddenly change, I felt like the black fish actually bring on a refreshing magical feel to the kois’ colourful display. It felt like black is in vogue.

The odd one can be in vogue in a flickering seconds from the judgement of my perception. The speed of thought is oddly fearsome.



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