Tai Chi 和和


A knowing of duality and the balance in life just flows through me. Tai chi is about duality and the balance of the 2 extremes. As in life when one is engulf by the energy of huge sadness, the opposite energy which is huge happiness will flow through to compensate and bring one back to a balance state of being. Energy is never about time or duration, it is about the quantity of it.

2 examples came into mind. One that is laden with sad energy through life may at deathbed be awaken with extreme happiness because one is going to be  released. One that is laden with happy energy through life may at deathbed awaken with extreme sadness because of one’s addiction to the good life. Duality is a function of life that brings all life back to a balance state. Equilibrium felt like the state of Zen. If all experiences of life be it pleasant or unpleasant to one is to be experienced truly then it is a conscious journey.

I don’t know why this knowing suddenly came through me this moment. But it certainly brings a sense of peace and grounding to me.

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