Frogs in a hot pot. High heat will scare them away, jumping out of the hot pot to discover other kind of life. Low heat creates a cosy environment that the frogs turn unconscious to their reality. A nice sauna with beautiful flower prints on the surface of the pot. So fearful to even move an inch and before they knew it, they are already part of the frog stew.

The frogs from the bottom of the stack are already dead but they had their living moments before. Moments where they are alive, holding on their life for their mighty frog empire. Their fear of not conforming to the masses before them made them conform to their act. Stories of folklore are passed on generation to generation and their stories slowly turn into legend. Legend states that all honourable frog with their honourable deed of ensuring the frog kingdom to stack up towards the sky. That will enable the king frog to assess the danger of the world outside their homeland(which is the pot). So that the king can save all honourable frogs.

The frogs that are still alive at the middle of the stack. They have to take the weight from the rest on the top, unhappy and unsatisfied with their lives. But their warmish environment is still comfortable enough for they to willingly hang on to the pressure. Legend has it that all honourable frog has been bestowed with the responsibilities of holding their place and upholding their stack for the frog empire.

A frog in the middle that is still alive have a thought flashing by it’s mind. “How comfortable it will be to get out of this stack to relieve myself of the pressure on me”. Suddenly grimacing in pain, it knows that it is having an unholy thought. Paralyse in fear as it’s so called honourable part came in to instil discipline. Having such an unholy thought, I am a sinner and I will have to banished all unholy thoughts and strictly hold my place in stack till the ends of my honourable life. So that I will be save.

Frogs near the top of the stack can see a glimpse of the world outside the pot at times when their views are not blocked by the body or the shit of the king frog. To them the world outside seems so strange and scarily cold. Will we be freeze to death in this strange outside world? Better wait for the king to tell us what to do. Legend have stated that our king will be able to save us. For honour, I better dispel my shameful unholy thoughts.

The king frog on the other hand is having a great time of its life, shitting and resting on the rest of the frogs below. I wander why are there so many frogs laying below me. Maybe they are enjoying this warm cosy feeling. Well as long as they are happy, I am happy for them. Croak…………..  🙂




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