Parallax Error (he)
Parallax Error (she)


If seeing is believing then true communication is at its primitive form. Parallax error describes a reality that is different from what one sees at pure sight. Parallax error is not subjected only to visual, it can be translated into our other senses. Imagine when all sensing errors adds up to an avalanching mismatch to reality, one will easily lost our grounding.

In the context of love and sex (creation), human society came up with marriage to bind all these expression into a box. To contain these powerful energies from 2 individuals in a box of marriage is not easy but I guess necessary to create a certain society order.  The individual’s own parallax error to reality creates another set of uncertainty into this box. Highly charged and unstable energies can easily explode the box or numb itself so much that the box turn cold into an implosion. Is our current pursuit of marrying our energy of love and sex an ideal way for our evolution?

Looking at love per se. Love is an universal expression of enjoyment and affection. One have the capacity to love a lot and much more. Embracing and loving of everything seems possible. That only means that directing love on only a singular point is albeit to forcing an energy so wide and diverse to a containment. That does not feel natural.

Looking at sex per se. It is fundamentally an universal energy of creation. As we humans currently comes in dual forms, nature has it that male and female have a part to play in this expression to harness this energy to the birth of a new existences. Our bodies are build to the attunement for the longing of sex. In a sense when it wasn’t functioning that purpose in life then isn’t it in conflict with nature. This felt like a flower bud that was not allowed to flower. How constricted and sad is this?

Hence boxing love and sex into a package rather then allowing them to express as individual expression may seems to create an unstable box of marriage. And I ponder whether this man conceived structure of marriage is a suitable vehicle for current and future evolution of mankind. With the increases of awareness one may see that marriage structure is fear based by default. It subjects and exercise control on 2 individuals in the name of man conceive sacredness. Controlling and conforming their energy of love and sex in a way in to a box. Creating an order out of this naturally uncontrollable interplay of energies of the 2 sexes seems an impossible task.

Natural selection and sexual selection is nature’s way of exercising its influence to create a natural flow for all species. Conscious awakening may be Mother nature’s way of selection for human. Critical mass awakening may create a situation where mass consciousness starts to see the fallacy to our age old approached to our society order and structure. Expression of love, sex and definition of marriage may be one of them.

Conscious awakening enable one to realised one’s parallax error and at the same time realised others’ in the similar situation. Being in consistent awareness of self, do one starts to realise oneself deeper. Through the realising comes the knowing which will give birth to newer realisation, to which one will start a motion of conscious evolution.

Borrowing a quote. Lets “Stay hungry, stay foolish”.

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