Self Worth

self worth


Is a prostitute any less worthy then a president? 

If we break a human body down to the smallest bits. We get atoms.

Be it the prostitute or the president. They are all made out of the same fundamental component. Atoms.

Nuclear fussion is the splitting of an atom. The power unleashed is unfathomable. Imagine we each holds at least 7 billion billion billion of atoms. We all pack a potential beyond what anyone can imagine.

All man have the same unimaginable potential. Like all flowers of a tree. We all bloom at our each divine moment. There is no comparison possible in the eye of god.

We are unable to classified anyone’s worth because their potential is beyond our comprehension.

Remember. We are all are equally precious and equally important!!!



Below is an event that triggered my inner child issue of self worthiness. Its the narration of my parts in proccess.

Inner Child (reptilian) : I am so angry. How can someone whom vaguely knows me demean me out of no where?  That bitch is a terrible person.

Inner Guide: Relax kid. You need to cool down first.

Inner Child (reptilian) : She did a personal verbal attack on me. Who does she think she is? High and mighty? I am so gonna slam her face down.

Inner Guide: Your anger is not helping. Violence breeds violence. Returning violence with violence is never the way to a balance. For the better good please take deep breath ….

Inner Child (reptilian) : But…

Inner Guide: Breathe in ……. breathe out…… breathe in ……. breathe out…..

Inner Child (wounded): Ouch but its so painful.

Inner Guide: I hear you kid. Dont worry okay. We will get through this and heal it. Trust me.

Inner Child (wounded): Sob. I trust you.

Inner Guide: Where is the pain coming from? How do you feel?

Inner Child (wounded): I felt unworthy. I felt like my self worth have been degraded. Ouch.

Inner Guide: All man have unimaginable potential. Anyone’s worth cannot be classified based on human comparer because everyones potential are beyond human comprehensionRemember this truth and remember how beyond worthy you are.

Inner Child: That is true. But why does this person whom vaguely knows me attack me verbally in this way? Is she a sad and angry person without love in her heart?

Inner Guide: You see her actions have tiggered you to see your self worthiness issues within.  Because you are aware of the wound then can you heal it. For her to do that, she have to be here at that moment. Imagine out of the infinite possible universe of manifestation. She had to follow you all the way till that moment to prick into your awareness. So that you can realised your wound within and get it heal. Is that not love from her soul?

Inner Child: You mean that she have intended to help me see my wounding so that it can be healed?

Inner Guide: Yes. Her soul definitely have that intention. Although her human form may not be clear about it at the moment.

Inner Child: But why must she used such an offensive approach? Is a gentler approach not better?

Inner Guide: Well offer a thought that her inner state then maybe as such. And also maybe your issue is so deeply buried that such approach is required.

Inner Child: That does resonate. Oh mine, she must be in pain as well. I felt sorry for her too.

Inner Guide: How are you feeling now?

Inner Child:  I felt my heart opening. I felt thankful for her part for my healing. I felt sorry that she may be in pain. I felt that I want to love her more. 😀

Inner Guide: Return violence with love is a beautiful way to balance. Love breeds love 🙂

Inner Child: Dear guide i thank you for being with me. Blessing, guiding and loving me. I am indeed in the grace of love.

Inner Guide: 😀



Thank You Kwan Yin. Love you.

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