Phases Of Life

Phases of Life


I was pondering about life and “Phases Of Life” came into mind.

I envision that a little bird is enjoying its freedom in a big cage with plentiful of food. So happy as it is free to roam around the huge cage.

After a long time in that cage, it had eaten much and grown big. Big enough that it is unable to fly around like previously and boredom sets in.

To sustain life, it had to eat and it still continue growing. Grown to a stage that it is stuck in the cage. So stuck and so sad and so painful.

Till one day it manages to breakthrough the cage that is jailing it.

At last he found it’s renewed freedom. Happy like a flying bird.

But then it is still within a cage. And there is bigger cage out there. It there true freedom?

This seems like life challenges. After breaking through a challenge a bigger one await us, till the time when we have grown sufficiently to meet it.

Challenges seems to be constant in life.

Life seems to come in phases of physical, mental and emotional challenges. Foetus, Baby, toddler, young adult, adult, middle age, old age, death are all phases that act like the bird’s cage. The transition from phases have always been challenging. Every phase seems to have one evolving from freedom to boredom to stuck then break through to the next phase. Then the story starts again.

Death maybe the final phase but I have a deep feeling that it may be not. Not to worry, surely I will have this answer by that time. I have to calm myself from the excitement of knowing the inevitable.



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