3 Rooster Crowing

3 Rooster crowing


5.30am i was awaken, tired but still decided to go East Cost Park of some morning exercise.

Reached East Cost Park by 6.30am, As i was walking towards the sea, i heard rooster crowing. Turn left, turn right there are no rooster in sight but keep hearing the crowing. Realised that the crowing came from the branches above. It is still a bit dark so i can’t make up what is there.

It is really unusual to see rooster in singapore not to say  East Cost Park. Could it be a speaker tied on the tree? My curiosity got the better of me and i decided to seat below the tree and wait for the sunrise to bring more visibility. The crowing came at intervals and their seems to be more then 1 rooster if my hearing serve me right. As i waiting and focusing on the tree . The crowing started to lead me into a meditative state whereby i felt my charkras reacted to it. It felt like opening of charkra especially the root charkra. As time went by  visibility gets clearer and i saw 3 roosters standing on the branches above crowing away to the sun rise. So surreal is this scene. First time in my life witnessing roosters crowing up on a tree in urbanise Singapore.

That evening as i was walking into the MRT station, i saw a poster with 3 rooster. It is a poster about a drawing competition, tagline “Draw your dreams and win”. What interesting synchronicity!

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