In love


The reflection of a fluffy cloud fleeting by a quiet river. Peaceful time gently floating by the lush green pastures. Cooling breeze grazing past everything in it’s path, softly caressing the whisker of a orange cat. So mesmerized by the magnificence of everything that happen at this moment, the cat seems to be in a hypnotic trances of basking in all the awesomeness of being here. This moment felt like love, Divine love. Being consciously present and surrendering to the flow of life seems to allow this divine love tap to channel through. So tastefully loving and divinely exhilarating that all senses are grace with a romantic sense of being in love.

Witnessing this scene during my long walk on a particular day, I felt very thankful to my orange furry teacher for such an experiential moment of teaching on “love is everywhere”. 🙂

Seeking love externally can only be a balanced journey when one accept, surrender and embrace the love from own self. Seeking love externally when one is not complete with self love will easily sets one on the journey of a love addict.

Breaking the cycle of love addiction requires one to cut off channels of  the addiction and focus on one self. Stop, slow down, be gentle with one self to discover the divine love within one and all. When one finds and allows the divine love tap within to flow, then boredom starts to cease and excitement in life starts to spring from many where. I believe when one acts and embrace one’s true self then one’s divine self love will flow naturally.

Being true to ourself and living on our truth is a never ending journey, as we get more and more in sync with it. We starts to experienced more and more divine love.

Staying in the present moment.

No expectation of results.

Embrace anything that comes our way.

Doing things that you feel like.

Life already had it all sorted out, just be present to experience what is to come.

Good, bad, sad, happy, ugly or beautiful is a melody that life have created for you and you only.

The universal story scripted for yours truly.

Divine love is in motion.


There is this recent incident that grace me with a sample of divine love in every moment of life. I particulars hated doing household chores, cleaning oily and dirty wok is top of my hate list. My family is busy with preparing the stuff for a ritual. As my siblings are busy with the cooking and arranging of stuff. I was left with cleaning the oily wok and cooking utensils. First reaction in me was the usual sucking one. Then the thought of “being present” flashes through my mind. I proceed to act accordingly by being present with the cleaning of oily wok. I started to focus on the cleaning, carefully scrubbing all the oily stain one at a time. Intense focus of scrubbing away the soil and oil from the wok sets me into a meditative trances of enjoying the moment. Peaceful time gently flow through this moment and I am enjoying this. Caressing the clean and cool steel wok at the end gives me such a satisfying moment that I feel that it is all so worth it.

I felt in love with the cleaning, with the moment and with myself.

Ah I am falling in love with myself. Loving all my moments of life.








4 thoughts on “Love

  • April 22, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    Hi JON ,


    I felt in love with the cleaning, with the moment and with myself.

    Ah I am falling in love with myself. Loving all my moments of life.

    • April 23, 2015 at 12:20 pm

      Glad that you love it, Sit Li. 🙂

  • April 24, 2015 at 11:28 am

    I can feel the stillness and quietude of the moment through your description and drawing.
    But am afraid my words destroy the moment to moment. I admire you, Jon for being able to live in
    the present moment while I am striving to live in the present moment only thru reading the books,
    “Present Moment Wonderful Moment” and “The Precious Present”.
    Thank you for sharing your experiential learning.

    • April 25, 2015 at 8:48 am

      Thanks Ourania, thanks for your sharing. 🙂


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