I saw a piece of write up on Hindu god Indra’s explanation of the world’s interconnectedness to his people at his time. He ask for his people to hang up a massive net and ask for a bell to be place on the every knot of the net. He strike one bell and cause it to ring and the the rest of the bell near it are also affected and started ringing. Then he told his people that each bell represents a person. As one single bell affects the other bells, all the bells also affect other bells. One person affects everyone and everyone affects everyone else.

To me it is a concept to explain that one in all and all in one.

Recently I had the privilege to witness the presentation of 35 individuals on their 2014 creative life. All of them are uniquely different and all of them triggered a different parts of me. My different parts resonated with different person’s story.  The beautiful, ugly, happy, sad, rich, poor, flexible and stuck phases of uniquely different life have something in common. They are all beautiful expression of the essence of life and they all triggered me in their unique sense. There always are part or parts in me that feels or resonated with each of the essence of their stories. As if each of the individual’s life story are in me and it felt like a thread connects the part that we resonated seemingly.

Then my mind starts to wonder.

Imagine 35 individuals are connected to me with 35 thread and there are about 7 billion people on earth so that means there are 7 billion threads linking to me. And each of them should also affect and  have a thread linking to each other’s different parts. The number of thread or link will be astronomical. How about others earthlings? They should have a thread linking to us as well, since we can feel and be affected by their well being.  How about the other beings with life visible or invisible? My goodness The number of interconnectivity will be so huge that I am stun in visualisation.

My understanding of One in All and All in one has been elevated to another level. I am feeling it other then understands it.  The interconnectedness of life just took my breathe away and I came back with new found awe.

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