Grieve is a natural process. Allowing one’s choked heart to unleashed our grieving tears out of us. Where it will become the seed of life.

Sadness is a natural emotion. When it is being suppress due to fear, it will be locked up in our heart. To do that one will have to harden our heart to contain the sadness within. A harden heart create much stuckness and numbness in life. Our heart is central to orchestrating our emotions in life. But when the heart is harden, it will not be able to function properly. And it will not be able to regulate our emotions naturally. Hence one slowly numbified till one is totally stuck. The process seems like a emotionally healthy human being slowly becoming a zombie.

Whenever you realised that you are numb or stuck in life. It may be a good idea to look deeper at your heart. Is it healthy, is it harden or it is holding up much stuck energy? Many times one will not even notice that they are stuck or numb to life. So it is good practice to always feel our self more and allow any sadness to flow through, allowing ourself to experienced that sadness that is meant to be. In allowing our stuck sadness to flow out of our heart containment, we relieve a bit of our numbness. In that act we allow ourself to be a bit more alive. Hence the tears that drain our sadness out from our heart can be seen to be a seed of life. Creating more aliveness in us when it is been unleashed.

Be in sync with nature, experienced all that comes our way is being alive.




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