Choiceless Choice



So Beautiful a sight.

The grass holding dearly a dew.

Holding as if life depends on it.

Without the dew, there is no bending.

without the dew, life still goes on.

Title: Control?


Inspired by the act of a blade of grass situated at upper seletar reservoir.

The shiny reflection of the morning sun from the water dew held by a blade of grass. That dew is shining with the reflection of the morning sun. It’s seems so precious as if it is the essence of life. That blade of grass seems to be holding that dew dearly as if it’s life depends on it. The grass bend to the weight of it’s precious dew. Hanging on for it’s precious dew. It is not easy but it seems so necessary.

The next moment the dew slide off the grass and the grass suddenly bounce up naturally.  The grass then realised that the dew is an unnecessary baggage but a necessary  lesson.

As in life we hold on to many precious dew that we deem necessary to life. But after losing it or broken by it then we realised the lesson to learn the truth about life. Our life.

The act to hold on to our dew is our way of control. So the lesson we learn is that we have no control.

Choiceless choice.



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