Breathe :

1. To take in air into the lungs and expel it. Physiological process

2. Be alive ; remains living.

-as quoted from google.


Breathing is the basis of life for us. Breathing can be such an automated process that it can run at our background so unknowingly so naturally that it have become a significantly insignificant process.

Many a times when I try to consciously breathe. I  realised that it takes huge effort  to maintain my attention and focus on it. Such mundane but significant process that powers on to allow my life experience to unfold to whichever direction my observer are lead to. Without breathe there is no life, without life there is no experiencing. Magic is the only word that I can come up with to send my warmest regards to my breathe that power me on from birth.

Experiencing life can be such a breath taking journey that many a times it halted my breathe when I am frozen or stuck. When that happens my life is in peril of cessation. No wonder I felt that I have died through a stuck phase and felt reborn when a breakthrough came. Being frozen or stuck stops my breathe so much that life cannot continue. And most likely just before fully crossing the door of lifelessness magic happens to bring me a breakthrough. And so I have a touch and go from lifelessness. That I think is call reborn. Many a times in life there are chances of reborn to allow us the magic of experiencing a different path within our same body.

Breakthrough = Reborn  :O



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