primal showdown


Yesterday evening I  pack a wonderfully done cheesy mushroom omelette to a reservoir as dinner. When I reach, the sunset is so beautiful that I had to take a photo of it. I placed my dinner bag on a bench and started to take sunset shots. Suddenly I heard someone searching through my bag holding my dinner. I turn and saw a alpha male macaque. I immediately jolt forward to snatch back my dinner. The macaque was shock for a split second and started growling and charge towards me for its dinner.

I swing my bag to whack it away. It  evaded my attack and retreated. I give chase to scare it away but after retreating near its macaque gang. It turn around and charged towards me again. I had to swing my bag violently at it to halt its move.

Then it stop to hold its ground and glare menacingly at me. We are merely a meter apart.  That intense moment kind of triggered my fight or flight response. No compassion nothing, it is just about survival. I held my ground and started glaring menacingly back at it all ready to deliver a deadly punch at it, should it pounce on me.  Our stare lasted for the longest 2 seconds. Then I turn berserk and did a huge primal roar and lunging a step forward at the same time.

This time it retreated back to the safety of the nearest bushes in double quick time. My guess is that my acoustic display of superiority have shook some sense into it. Animal survival 101 – never fight 1 to 1 with a bigger animal. A sense of primal victory came over me but that did not last more then 10 seconds because it’s gang of macaque are closing in on me. Realising that I am awfully outnumbered, I took refuge in my car and had my dinner in it. I wasn’t that hungry but I ate every last bit of my cheesy mushroom omelette. It is my winning in my primal fight with a primate. ROAR…… 😛

Looking back this unusually perilous happening seems rather symbolic.

It is about survival and lucky thing is that I won but having to hide my winning from fear of losing it.

Stay & deepen …….

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