Past Lives



Stories, myth and legends are bountiful expressions of spirit that live through time and space. Different dimensions, different beings and different existences are the expression of one’s soul journey.

How can we only be limited to this body and this current identity, how small is that. We are soul experiencing life as different beings, different existences in multi dimension, expressing the richness of spirit. We travel through the life and death of each of our identities, dancing to the tune of spirit.

Are there stories, dreams or myth characters that move you to bits? So attached that you feel their emotions, dreams and desires. So identified with it that you felt that character is really you. Not this current you but a you once upon a time.


I have 2 separate high definition dreams with stories that are connected and intensely heart felt to share.


1st dream:

I found myself submerge under water. I was not suffocating and actually I felt rather calm and relax in water. The next moment I realised that I head up to swim towards the surface of the water. There is a floating structure on the surface, I can see many multi coloured transparent looking buoy tied around the circumference of that floating structure. Those colourful buoy attracted much of my attention. Red, yellow, green and blue buoy floating to the waves on the surface. I float up to poked at the buoys, playing with them. After my curiosity was settled, I pop my head out of the water surface. I found myself almost 300 meters away from the most beautiful stretches of white untainted beach paradise. There is no people or other living being other then the vegetation on these beautiful beaches. It is a sunny day and felt like around noon as the sun is high up in the sky. I then tilted my head up to look at the sun, I saw it, it look the same. But there is this strange knowing that came through my mind. This is a time before human civilisation. Homo sapiens have not been evolved here yet. But this sun is the same sun that me as a human has seen before. A very surreal moment of familiar warm sunlight caressing my skin and yet this is a time so ancient. At the corner of my vision a pyramid was spotted towering behind the vegetation on the beach, It does not feel like the one I had seen in Egypt. It seems bigger and had a massive “Eye of Ra” engraving on the side facing the sea. Such a strange place of odd familiarity, why am I here, I thought.

Then I started to descend down again. Visibility under water was so clear and beautiful, the scene that I was at is miles of clear white sand and crystal clear blue sea water. In front of me was this huge underwater structure that I can only see a small portion, it felt like a huge pyramid kind of structure. Something then swam into my sight and she is the loveliest baby humpback whale. Smiling so sweetly at me. She glide towards the right side of my body and gently nudge at me, she slightly tilted her head giving me her loving smile before swimming behind me.  She is my baby. I then realised that I am a hump back whale.


2nd dream:

Looking down from the sky, I saw the back of a massive whale shark in the ocean. Then the next moment I saw a dead hump back whale beaching on an island. The water is crystal clear and the ocean is calm but there is this deep sadness in the air. Suddenly I was rewind into the moment before the death of the whale. I am viewing from under water once again, massive waves of underwater current and millions of air bubbles are created as the hump back whale and the whale shark charge and slam their bodies into each other. The impact of their charging created so much under water pressure that it explode into thousands stream of undercurrent and million of air bubbles gushing out of the impact zone. Both of them stall for almost a second or two before the huge battle get started again as they swing their massive tail and flippers as weapons attacking each other. Ramming their head into each other’s bodies.

A thought came in, ” What happened?”. Then  in a far distance I saw that familiar baby hump back whale. She seems fearful for her life. A sudden knowing flashes by, the whale shark is out to kill the baby whale hence the mother whale is protecting it with her life.

Then my view came back to the massive fight. In a bid to protect her precious baby. The mummy whale did a breaching so high out of the surface of the sea and  back flip and slam her back into the whale shark. Then their actions stopped and there is quietness for the longest while. That flying back slam have heavily injured the whale shark and at the same time crack the backbone of the hump back whale. The injured whale shark swam away from their fighting site and the hump back laid there dying away from her injury.

Carried by the waves, the dying whale is being slowly washed up to the shores. She have no more energy to resist death and is just slowly dying away. The baby whale’s cries fills the water as she nudges at her mother’s huge body. Trying the best to push her away from the shores, she is too small to have the strength to do that.

The sounds and feeling of her cries and her grieving are so overwhelming that I was choked awake from my own crying. My face are all wet with tears but it was not only due to the grief from the baby whale. A bigger part of the grief that I am experiencing is the pain and grief from the mother hump back whale. As she is lying motionlessly dead, she still feels the intense pain, grief and fear of her baby’s well being. As death do them apart, a pain is unleashed from a mother’s love for her baby that she can no longer protect.


These 2 dreams make me wonder much. Why do I identify myself so much with that hump back whale? Why do I feel its emotion so intensely? Why do I have a knowing of it’s story in so much detail? Why are my 2 separate dreams connected in such a way? So many question that my logical mind cannot comprehend and make sense of. Allowing the curious part of me to ask these questions, I am allowing more answers to come in from all my senses.

There is this huge part of me that accepts reincarnation, lives after lives and past lives. How rich is this if my hunch is right on track. How beautiful is life and how different we will each view, live and act out of our current one. If we all truly knows this secret of life. In the mean time, being open to our intuition helps to allow the flow of this mystical sense and knowing to expand. May us all be bless with the clarity of true knowing.


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