The Journey


Mechanics of Life


The journey of life felt to me that it is like a hot air balloon trip. To embark on it, holding on only caused bruising and unnecessary pain. Signing on for the journey but still holding on to attachment and addiction may be a self inflicted cruelty. But it may also have been the process of grooming the ego for a higher task. A necessary evil I guess.

When everything is wrong, one just need to know that everything will right itself eventually. The journey does not start as long as one is not ready. So in a way life seems so diplomatic to all beings.

Up up and away ……………

Facing Truth


My Demon


Being aware of my current plastic state is an awakening phase. But facing the truth within is my journey of self acceptances and lesson of grooming courage to face my truth.

A simple situation below has created a huge battle of owning, holding and living with how I truly felt.

When my cleaner suddenly text me that she is raising her rates a day before coming, I felt angry that her ways of informing makes me felt force. My ego felt that her demand rates are much above her work required hence I felt cheated but continues with her anyway as it is so last minute. Clearly I can see that she have her rights to demand what she feels deserving but I just could not get through my feelings of being cheated. My old ways of being is to sweep all my negative emotion under my plastic carpet and the world is rosy again for us all. This time I did not allow myself my old ways of operation. I allow the cheated emotion to raised within me, get to know it’s root and seeing a way to live with it. This was not easy for me as my aura of this anger seems to affect my cleaner and I can see that she is affected much by it.  As much as I did not  enjoy the air of anger between us, I held on to be in sync with what is truthfully real in me.

It has been 2 weeks after that and my cleaner came again today. There is still some uneasiness in our air space but I suddenly realised that I have been more authentic with myself. A new found respect for the courage to stand in my truth.



Good Luck


Good Luck


Inspiration for this drawing is came from Holy Shit post.

Human love good luck and like to manifest for good luck to come its way. That longing if it is strong enough may stir some feeling from an angel. As the saying goes “You get what you ask for”.

All living being as small as bacteria from the cellular realm to as big as human from the human realm love to have some good luck. So remember to sets our intention clearly to manifest for our good luck. Good Luck to the angel that has his feeling triggered by us.:P

Holy Shit





The inspiration that starts the ball rolling. One morning I had a  close counter with a pile of shit, human shit I think. First reaction was “Holy Shit” and I distanced myself from it. From a distance I saw some bugs crowding on the shit as if they have found some precious treasures.

“Hey come to think about it, its true that it is a true treasure to them.”

“Human shit that me human are so fearful is a precious treasures of the bugs.”

[A sudden knowing flash by me]

“Then it could be that the riches that we humans long for may be the poop of angels.” :)

[The above cartoon strip came into mind]

The title Holy Shit came into mind and snowball into a blog call HOLY which can deliver my expression to all. 😛